Those who have suffered persecution

I hope to see everyone at Canyon Ridge this week.  We are continuing to look at the examples of people whose lives have been totally changed by Jesus.  It’s a great encouragement to me to see proof of just how wonderful & powerful & loving Jesus is, & that he brings that wonder & power & love into our lives too.
This week – we’ll be looking at those who have suffered persecution for the sake of Jesus, and how Jesus has used their faithfulness to the opposite effect than the persecutors planned.  Take a look at Stephen in Acts 6:8-8:3.  Compare & contrast the details of Stephen’s death to that of Jesus.
We’re not suffering from persecution in the West.  (Maybe some inconveniences, some social irritation, but not persecution.)  What are we suffering from?  How can we stay faithful witnesses and see Jesus work through us?
Pastor Travis
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